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Where and when to watch football in Yekaterinburg?

I like football and I'm happy that the Central stadium in Yekaterinburg was finally opened this year. The following information was published in Your Yekaterinburg (September and October issues) - it is a newspaper in English that my friends and I creat every month for you.

“Central stadium” was built in 1957 as the project of three architects – K. Nikulin, S. Vasilyev and Y. Vladimirsky. German prisoners took part in the construction of it.  For the middle of the 20th century, the stadium was one of the largest in the world. Two years after the opening of the “Central stadium” it hosted the World Cup of speed skating.

According to Russia’s request for the football World Cup in 2018, some matches of the tournament will be held at the “Central stadium”. However there is no full understanding about this. Currently, the stadium can hold 27,000 people, according to the FIFA requirements, 13,000 seats have yet to be added to hold the games of the World Cup 2018.

One of the alternatives considered by the stockholders is to increase the capacity of the Central Stadium using collapsible units that can be easily dissembled or assembled if needed. The decision is still pending. Because the stadium was built in 1957 and is a fine example of the constructivist style, it can not be rebuilt completely.

Sculptures mande in 50s above the front entrance depict sportsmen, workers and even a KGB officer

Besides, there is a prison in front of the stadium and it can be a challenge for the championship in Yekaterinburg, because barbed wire and the grim building aren’t very beautiful for the World Cup. However, Vladimir Putin promised during his visit in July, that the football competition will be held in the city.

Central prison, the oldest prison in the city is right in front of the central stadium on Repina St.

Opening of the stadium was marked by the victory of the local soccer club Ural over Moscow’s Khimki. To the joy of 25,000 fans, the local team defeated their opponents 5-2.

Ural-Khimki (Moscow) 5:2

FC Ural is now in the first division and is struggling to get to the Russian premier league. The football season in Russia finishes in November.  There are two more home games to be held in Yekaterinburg:

24 October at 19.30: Ural – Shinnik (Yaroslavl)

27 October at 19.30: Ural – Dynamo (Bryansk)

Ural's colors: orange and black. Ural’s mascot: humblebee. More on Ural