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Water Tower Museum in Yekaterinburg

In 2019 Yekaterinburg has got a new museum – a tiny museum of the Water Tower.

The water tower is located on Lenin Avenue next to the dam and the historical square. Along with the nearby monument to the city founders of Yekaterinburg the tower has always been a landmark of the city. Finally, every tourist can get inside.

The first floor is a souvenir shop and a coffee shop. Here you can buy a ticket to the museum. The tower also sells Yekaterinburg Museum Cards. The museum cards give an access to all the city museums including Yeltsin Museum and the Military Museum in the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

The museum of the Water Tower is on the second floor. It tells the history of Yekaterinburg iron works and of course, the story of the building

The water tower was built in late 1880s for water supplies of the railway workshops located by the Dam (Plotinka). Later during the World War II the plant produced tank parts.

In 1946 Boris Denisov, an engineer of the Tank Factory who had been evacuated to the Urals with his family from Stalingrad, decided to turn the disused water tower into an apartment building. As a lot of people were relocated to Sverdlovsk during the war, accommodation was a big problem. Denisov got a permission from the factory. He himself dismantled the water tank on the second floor and after 5 months his family moved into a cozy two room apartment. Later on the first floor of the tower was occupied by another family.

Today on the second floor of the tower you can see the photos of the residents and listen to their recorded memories of living in the tower. As the location was very central the kids of the water tower could witness a lot of big events: they were anticipating the car of Fidel Castro to pass on Lenin Avenue in 1963. They also saw the U2 plane piloted by Garry Powers and shot in the sky of Sverdlovsk in 1960.

Only after the reconstruction in 1973 the families were resettled and the building of the tower was opened for visitors as a souvenir shops.


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