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How you can help the orphans in the Urals

Two years ago I wrote about an orphanage in Revda (48 km of Yekaterinburg). It’s a special Dom Rebyonka (orphanage) that provides medical rehabilitation and support for babies and little children from 2 months old to 4 year olds with physical or mental disabilities orphaned immediately after birth.

The yard of the orphanage

The bad news is that the state orphanage still lacks medicine and necessary vitamins which are not that expensive but the State financial support is not sufficient to meet the needs of about 50 little patients.

The good news is that there are people who find ways to help even from abroad: In winter I received an email from Texas. Sherry and Joey MacKenzie were to come to Yekaterinburg in March for the concert of their music band Quebe Sisters Band. They brought a big box with toys and woolen socks that they collected from their local community in Texas. Sherry couldn’t buy necessary medicine in the USA as it should be bought in Russia for the orphanage to accept it. So when the band arrived in Yekaterinburg Sherry and I met in the hotel and went to the nearest pharmacy to buy some vitamins from the list that I got from the orphanage.

Sherry MacKenzie in front of the pharmacy in Yekaterinburg

Quebe Sisters Band stayed in the Urals only one night and there was no time for them to visit the orphanage. Probably, next time if you come here, guys!

Meanwhile, the parcels were delivered to Revda by my friend Irina. She came after lunch when children were asleep. But you can see the pictures of the Revda children in my previous post:

The delivery got to Revda (in the orphanage hall)

If you’d like to do charity when traveling in the Urals like the Texans did, you may contact Dom Rebyonka to get a list of medicine

tel.: +7 (34397) 5-11-32

fax: +7 (34397) 5-11-34, 5-39-66

or contact me and I’ll forward you the list of medicine in Russian that you can use in any local pharmacy.

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