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Rent a bicycle in Yekaterinburg

Kari, an expat from Finland asked me a week ago about places to rent a bicycle in Yekaterinburg.

As summer is coming, bicycle rentals are opening in every district. You can also get a bicycle in the large city parks, for example on Shartash Lake. Read how to rent a bicycle on Shartash here:

The best rental place for tourists is in the city center.  Every summer a white minivan is parked on the eastern river bank near the Kosmos cinema.

Find this white minivan loaded with bicycles on the Iset river

I like this mini-rental on wheels because they have convenient opening hours:  Mon – Fri from 5pm to 10pm; Sat-Sun 10am to 10pm

Probably it’s not ideal on working days but don’t forget that we have white nights in the Urals and it’s getting dark after 10pm in summer!

Price: 1 hour – 150rub

2 hours – 200 rub

5 to 24 hrs – 400rub

7 days – 1500rub

To rent a bicycle at any place, you should give your passport for security or leave 3000rub as a deposit.

How to find: just look for a white minvan loaded with bicycles. It’s parked on the river in front of the Kosmos cinema. To find the cinema: from Church on the Blood go down to the river. The cinema will be on your right and the rental on your left. Enjoy your ride!

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