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The Romanovs Monastery on fire

This morning I received a message that three tourists from South Korea would like to see Ganina Yama monastery on the burial place of the Romanovs family. At the same time I learnt from the news that the monastery was on fire!

Luckily, only one out of seven churches burned down. The monastery was opened in 2001 and had 7 wooden churches to commemorate seven members of the Tsar's family: Nicolas II, his wife Alexandra, Grand Duchess Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and young tsarevitch Alexey. Their bodies were thrown down by the Bolsheviks to a derelict mine called Ganina Yama, hence the name of the monastery.

The church that burned to ashes this morning had been under construction. I haven't heard any plausible explanation of what happened there yet. Main thing is that nobody was hurt and there were no valuable icons and other relics inside the church. A local charity organization is already gathering money to restore it. So far I can only show the photo of the church to the guests from South Korea and to you...

Ganina Yama Monastery, Yekaterinburg


 Have a look at other churches of Ganina Yama monastery.

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