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August 10th – one day treasure-hunting-trip to emerald mines

Dear friends,

On August 10th we are off for a new one day cheap-trip to the emerald mines!


Ever wanted to try treasure-hunting? The Ural Mountains have a lot of precious and semi-precious stones. Visit the largest emerald deposit of the Urals and search for beryl crystals in refuse heaps of the emerald-quarrying factory, the so-called Field of Dreams!

Saturday, August 10th


9.30 Meeting at Dynamo Metro Station, Yekaterinburg

We are taking a comfortable mini-van to get to the Malyshevo village (94 km of Yekaterinburg)

11.00 Arrival to Sretinsky deposit – the place where the first emeralds in the Urals were found.

12.00 We’ll visit Mariinsky deposit – the largest one in the Urlas. The mine there is 125m deep and 1400m long. In 1993 the emerald that weighs 1771g. was found there. It was named President after the first president Boris Yeltsin.

13.00 Hunting for treasures starts! Every stone that you find in the mines is yours!

14.00 Lunch in the café in Malishevo

15.00 An excursion in the Malyshevo Museum of Minerals

16.00 Workshop with jewelers and specialists in stone-cutting. There you are be able to cut and polish the stones you have found.

17.30 Departure to Yekaterinburg

19.00 Arrival in the city back to Dynamo Metro



Price per person = 2400 rub

 for children under 14: 2350 rub

the price includes transportation, guided tour with an English interpreter, lunch and insurance


Please, book the tour in advance!

For more information and for booking:

Tel +79122800870

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  1. Its interesting & full of adventure but can we really visit the mines and see the area and the mining
    Of the stones. I m really interested to have a tour to this place..can u please guide & help me in this direction.
    Waiting in for ur reply.
    Tk u

    • yes, you can do the tour to the mining anytime from May till November. The price of the tour will depend on number of people and when you are arriving. Please specify

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