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Cave diving in the Urals

I’ve been living in the Urals for 31 years but the region keeps on surprising me. The recent revelation was diving in the Urals. As you might guess, Russia is not a diving country. There is Lake Baikal, of course, and the Black Sea, but do you know any other diving places? It turned out the Ural Mountains are a mecca for divers and they come here from all over the world. It is an ideal place for ice diving, free diving and cave diving – a dream for every pro diver. My new friends from DiveXpert Club based in Yekaterinburg opened a whole new world to me and I’d like to thank them once again for the information and amazing photos of the Orda Cave – an absolute gem of the Urals.  

If you are interested in diving and are looking for something unique – the Orda Cave is the place to explore. It’s near the village of Orda in the Perm Region, on the left bank of Kungur river. Orda is . It was formed about 500.000 years ago. The water is incredibly clear and it is cold (the water temperature is +4). Divers call the cave ‘a white bride’ as the walls of the passages are white due to gypsum rocks formed about 200 million years ago. There was a sea at that time. Currently the length of the explored underwater passages is 4850 meters. New small passages and grottoes are discovered in the cave every month.

Russian divers started to explore the cave in 1990ies. Those days they were not very well equipped and the exploration was a dangerous challenge. Now the Ural divers are members of a GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) team. Cave courses are provided all year long and the village of Orda has a necessary infrastructure for tourists. Andrey Dmitirev from Yekaterinburg is now one of 75 Trimix instructors in the world and the only one in the Urals has been exploring the Orda Cave for many years. Last year the underwater photographer Victor Lyagushkin together with Andrey and other world leading cave divers launched a project: Orda Cave, Awareness. It is a book about the cave with more than 100 unique underwater photographs.

Some of the photos you can see here courtesy of DiveXpert Club, Andrey Dmitriev, Victor Lyagushkin and Dmitri Osipov.

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  1. Hi,
    awesome photos! I’m a cave diver myself and I’m also the webmaster for a small it-consulting company. I needed a nice picture to put on a “site down for maintenance” screen, and I wanted a cave diving picture for it. I looked among my own photos of French caves but none is as clear and beautiful as your DSCF3869.jpg (I dive in France which is great too, but not as clear).
    With your permission, may I use your photo for my maintenance screen?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Thomas,

      You can use the photos. They are not mine though and were made by Victor Lyagushkin and Dmitri Osipov. So it would be kind of you to use the credits.

  2. Dear Luba, I’m an Italian cave diver who are so impressive from this underwater cave. Some friends of mine and I, are trying to get all the information necessary to manage a cave trip to dive into it. Maybe you can help me? 🙂
    Do you know who I would contact to dive in there? Is there a diving center?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hello Monica,

      thank you for your interest.

      Please contact the website of Divexper (t Email:
      They are located in Yekaterinburg and they organized cave diving in Orda, the one I posted the photos from.
      Hope they will be able to answer all your qustions and to help you.

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