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Is Ural in Siberia?

This question is often asked: Where's actually Ural? Is it somewhere in Siberia? To tell you the truth, even the Russians from the western part of the country don't know exactly and call it Siberia.

Bear it in mind that the citizens of the Ural Mountains are very much upset when somebody calls them Siberyaki (people of Siberia) because they are Uraltzy. However they will forgive you for not knowing the proper terms (though they will not forgive the ignorant Russians!)

Just remember this simple fact: the Ural Mountains is a natural boderline between European Russia and Siberia, in other words between Europe and Asia. While the Ural region is neither Europe nor Asia. It's just Ural. The ancient Finno-Ugric tribes gave it this name which means a rock. So in  the old times the Russians called the western part Moskovia and everything 'over the rocks' was and still is Siberia. 

Are there any differences between the citizens of Ural and other Russian? Not at all. They all look very Russian and speak Russian. It's just the feeling of identity that all Uraltzy have even though most of them came to Ural from all possible parts of the USSR: Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Volga Region, Russian Far East or from Belarus like my family! 

I've been living in the Middle Urals for 30 years and travelling around Russia I see it clearly - this relatively small region (small compared to Russian sizes as it's actually the size of Germany) is neither Moskovia nor Siberia. It's just Ural and I'm happy to be Uralochka (a girl from the Urals)

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  1. I love your site! I just visited Russia for the first time (from Atlanta, Georgia). I am now even more fascinated with Russia. I was entirely in Moscow, but made some wonderful new friends from Yekaterinburg, and hope to visit someday. I want to learn more about the Ural region…I did not know anything about it at all until reading your blog. Your blog is great! Thanks Luba!

  2. Hello, I am on a sort of quest, I have been given the middle name of Ural and I don’t know why. I anot sure about my mother, she left me when I was a baby but I know she was half Swedish and my father is Norwegian. It was nice to read how wonderful and proud you are of your land, and I wish I could see it someday. Thank you. Shelah

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